Pidge (hellzabeth) wrote,

[Fanfic] How to Train Your Vampire

Title: How to Train Your Vampire

Characters: Arthur, Alfred and Francis (non-nation AU)

Rating: 15

Warnings: Blood, forced feeding.

Summary: Inspired by this. Written on Halloween but not posted orz;; Link to pic for those who don't have Pixiv here. It's only short but I've had this idea floating in my head since I saw the picture.

"I will not drink such filth." Arthur said with disdain, sticking his nose up in the air and away from the smell of the glass that Alfred was holding under his nose. Francis, behind them, tutted like a disapproving parent. He could sod off as well.

"Well honestly mon cher, we can't just let you starve for another week, and this is all Alfred could find, isn't it Alfred?"

The other blonde nodded quickly, putting on the look of a kicked puppy. "Yeah, come on Arthur, I worked hard on this one, had to chase it down for real!" He swirled the glass in front of his face. Green eyes twitched.

"I absolutely refuse. Firstly, it's cold."

"You're too weak to hunt for yourself right now." Francis tried to reason with him, probably with the full knowledge that Arthur wasn't going to listen in the slightest. "Mainly because of your refusal to drink anything but the best, and fresh at that, which is just too picky."

Arthur sniffed. The tang of iron was tempting, set off something in his chest that growled for more, but he wouldn't give in yet. "You just have low standards, frog. I don't."

Alfred sighed. "Fine, we'll do it this way. Francis, hold him down."

A splutter. "What?!" exclaimed Arthur, but he was already caught from behind. Francis' grip was strong, and Arthur hadn't eaten properly in days, so the only fruit of his struggles was when he knocked the glass out of Alfred's hand.

It shattered on the floor, crimson soaking into the carpet of his dining hall. Damn it, didn't they know how difficult it was to get blood out of that thing? It was bad enough when Alfred dragged his damn chainsaw through the room, still dripping with the stuff, but now he had a small lake of red right in the middle of it. He glared up at the teen, whose hockey mask had slipped from where it had been perched on the side of his head to cover half his face.

"Aw man." he sighed, looking at the broken glass on the ground. "I said it took me ages to catch her! She could really run! That was like, prime healthy blood right there!" He gestured, waving the chainsaw around with one hand, unnatural strength making it seem all too easy. "And you can't pretend like you don't want it, your eyes have gone red and you're licking your fangs."

Arthur self-consciously shut his mouth, but his eyes stayed trained on the boy. Francis had dragged him to the floor by this point, one arm around his middle and the other keeping his arms pinned to his side.

"Was she a virgin, at least?" the vampire finally asked. Alfred blinked, and then snorted in laughter.

"Well shit, I don't know! That wasn't my business!"

"I could find out." chuckled Francis, breath tickling by Arthur's ear. It was cold, like the rest of him. Alfred laughed again.

"You're such a freak Francis." he chuckled, swinging his chainsaw around like it was no lighter than a regular knife. "And you probably can't check, she's kind of cut up all over."

Arthur blinked. That was odd, the smell of fresh blood was mingling with the scent of old. His sensed zeroed in on the source and...

"Alfred, you've cut yourself." he said, voice a flat monotone as he watched the teen murderer's blood ran freely down his arm from his wrist, mingling with the woman's blood, staining his once white shirt an even deeper red. Blue eyes studied the injury with surprise.

"Must have been when you knocked the glass out of my hand." he said, looking from the cut, then to Arthur, and then to the cut again. A smirk formed, sharp and dangerous as the chainsaw in his hand. "Francis, grab his head."

The Frenchman did, frozen fingers holding his jaw up and ignoring Arthur's hissed irritations. It meant little when the vampire was too fixated on the running blood to look away. "Don't be childish, cher."

Alfred walked over to the two of them, kneeling in front of Arthur, that wicked smirk still on his face. The vampire would have glared and spat hateful things at him, but the smell of fresh blood was nearly too much. He could feel his eyes burning red, the hot tang of blood in his nose, ghosting on his tongue. His mouth opened without his consent, gasping like a drowning man. He hated when he was reduced to this, nothing more than a pathetic beast. Francis' hands restrained him from running, but also from leaping up and savaging Alfred right there and then.

The teen's wrist hovered above Arthur's mouth, and dripped blood in between parted lips. The vampire shuddered and leaned up hungrily, a quiet whine escaping.

"Nuh-uh Arthur, I'm not letting you latch on to me." Alfred laughed, deceptively innocent sky blue eyes meeting deep, hungry red. "You'd drain me dry. Can't have that, can we?"

Arthur wasn't really listening any more. The taste of the blood dripping onto his tongue was what his world had contracted down to. He couldn't remember the point of resisting this, especially when it tasted so gloriously wonderful. Each precious bead rolled down his throat, soothing the growling beast in his chest, in his head, extinguishing the fires of hunger and thirst in one swift wave.

When Alfred withdrew his hand, it wasn't without a snarled protest from Arthur. "More." he uttered, leaning forward, a little stronger but still held back. "Not enough. More."

"Now now, what did we say about being childish?" Francis whispered in his ear, a laugh to his tone. Arthur growled wordlessly. "It seems we've got him on a roll, Alfred. Best go catch another treat for him. But this time, bring them here live." He picked up a piece of glass from the broken cup, and squeezed it in his hand until a trail of blood ran down his palm. Arthur's eyes instantly darted towards it, fixated. "I'll keep him occupied."

Alfred grinned, wide and full of teeth, before it was covered by his already bloodstained mask. "Yes sir."

Sequel; Monster Mash
Tags: fanfiction, hetalia, monster series
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