Pidge (hellzabeth) wrote,

*looks through bonoculars*

/bad Australian accent, go!

Oi'm here, in the bush, watchin' three beauuutiful Australians, goin' through what may be some kind o' mating ritual.

First, they find a place t' nest. Now, that could be anywhere, but this time we've caught them at it in the middle of a little journal entry. There was originally a topic of some kind here, but it has been lost. Which is, of course, part of the natural order.

Crikey, look at 'em go! From what Oi can decipher, two of them are talkin' about... football, maybe rugby.

And that one! Ain't she a beaut? You gotta be careful 'round real Aussies though, they aren't afraid of your average Creepy Possum or Red Back spider. Oh no, their only natural predator is the magpie. Occasionally, they'll try to summon the courage to actually go up to one, being the omnivores that they are, but even the tempered iron Australian will bends at the sight of those black, beady eyes.

Uh oh, I think they saw me. Time to run before one of them throws a drop bear at me!
Tags: i have a life really, lol, whut
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